Raise Your Glasses!

Life is full of promises. Promises people make to us, promises we make to others and promises we make to ourselves. Today I’m going to talk about the latter.


But before I do, allow me to create for you the slightly exaggerated scenario at hand.


Now a lot of us have been in this situation. It’s that time of year again when those certain trainers or that certain colourway has been released. Your friends have been talking about it for ages and now it’s your opportunity to finally join in with the latest trend and add valid input into crep-centred conversation. You’ve managed to put aside enough money from your average-paid part-time job and/or managed to convince your parents to give you a small loan to cover the costs (wonga.com didn’t seem like a wise idea). You make your way over to your favourite footwear store of choice and as soon as you step foot through the door it’s like you’re on a mission.


Target: (insert desired shoe)


Your mind instantly becomes focused on that single objective and as calmly as possible, you race towards the section of the store where the security guy told you they’d be. Lo and behold he was right. You gasp in amazement – eyes wide open in awe – because you’ve finally seen in real life the shoes you’ve only had the pleasure of gazing at from in front of the fluorescent glow of a computer screen. Within a few minutes it’s mission accomplished and you exit the store with a significant increase in both your street cred and wallet/purse space.


It’s the moment you get home and hold your newly begotten shoes does the feeling become more real and the realisation of what is actually happening ascend to the surface. I for one remember the countless times I’ve been in this situation. Staring my new pair of trainers in the lace, I tell myself how much I’m willing to look after these; my latest additions. I tell myself how I’ll clean them after each use or not wear them on rainy days (and living in the UK can mean not wearing them for a long time). I treat them like a pair of celebrities – involving them in a mini photo shoot – and then put them in a place of prime safety; away from dust and destruction. In simple terms, I make promises to myself. And more often than not, these are promises I do not keep. As silly as this sounds, it’s a subtle reality we face and one I wish I didn’t. I guess it’s just a cycle that stems from the “on to the next one” mentality that densely populates our generation today: We see. We get. We get bored. We see what else is out there. We get that… (you get the point).


But hey, who said we had to live like that? Who said we couldn’t treasure every trainer and not neglect that once-coveted sneaker all because another one is released? I for one am guilty of this, but it can be changed!


So please join me by raising your glasses in this theoretical toast. Here’s to maintaining every shoe like they were released yesterday, and remembering the day we first brought them home from the store’s shelf before involving them in an activity that spells certain trainer tragedy. Whether fresh out the box white on white Nike Air Force 1s or old and worn Vans Authentics in black; it may not be easy, but who said maintaining beauty ever was?


From here on out, let’s tread softly.


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