Italia Independent x Adidas ZX Flux: Top 4 Things To Know

Straight out of the wild, this zebra-like Italia Independent x Adidas Originals ZX Flux shoe was born to stand out. Released late last year, it’s a shoe still worth wearing, helped no doubt by the ever-present popularity of the ZX Flux silhouette.


I’ve been wearing them for a while now and have to say I am certainly impressed. Oddly enough they still smell as fresh as they look (daft, I know) but for the more useful facts check out the review and pictures below!


  1. Zebra – Wild, cool, crazy, standout and eye catching (I could go on). There are many synonyms that can be used to describe the fascinating print choice for this striking silhouette. For me, it’s the best part and the main reason why I bought them. Even the outsole is zebra printed! Smooth touch.


  1. Italian Flag – It’s only fitting that the three stripes of this ZX Flux sneaker represent that of the Italian flag. Italia Independent – whose product line consists mostly of trendy and chic eyewear – leave a visual mark on this shoe by paying homage to their roots. The green, white and red makes for a clean contrast against the polychromatic black and white backdrop.


  1. Lightweight – Another aspect of this shoe that hits the like button is the weight. They are really light on feet which is a pleasant feeling, especially during long walks. That, combined with the cush EVA midsole, ensures a very comfy ride once they’ve been broken in. The Adidas Torsion System (which adds midfoot support) does a good job in supporting the feet too.


  1. Satin – Okay, I’ll be honest. When I first saw these shoes, I had the slightest expectation that the upper material would be made from fur. Who would think that right? Lo and behold the culprit is in fact satin, and to be fair it’s a fine choice. Feeling almost silky it still looks just as plush, not to mention easy on the eyes.




All photography by Tread Softly




What do you think about these Italia Independent x Adidas ZX Flux creps? On point or over the top? Kindly share your thoughts in the comments below!


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