Socks and Slide Sandals: Fresh Pair or Faux Pas?

Pool sliders, slide sandals, slides (or whatever you wish to call them) can usually be found on feet poolside and commonly amongst sports players before and after a training session. However, what is starting to be more prevalent this time of year are slides appearing as a general fashion item and streetwear essential – with the accompanying of socks.


I’ve personally noticed this rising trend more of late and I’ll be honest, I’m a fan. I recently slid my feet into an adidas Duramo pair and after strutting around for a while, I can confidently say that the plush foot bedding blessed my sole.


white socks and adidas slides


Slides carry the benefit of being lightweight due to their sandal-like nature, but flex that extra edge with brands such as adidas, Lacoste and Nike having them in their respective catalogues. White socks add an additional MJ-like touch of style (Michael Jackson as opposed to Michael Jordan) but of course, not everyone thinks it’s a smooth look, some would say criminal.


With summer now here, socks and slide sandals are a motive that are sure to, well, slide to popularity (sorry, I just had to) but would you be brave enough to don this look on the streets? Are socks and slide sandals a fresh pair or faux pas? Let me know below and head to adidas, JD and Sports Direct if you wish to join the uprising at a modest price of around £15. To splash £250 on a pair why not visit Mr Hare.




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4 thoughts on “Socks and Slide Sandals: Fresh Pair or Faux Pas?

  1. I was actually in Camberwell yesterday and I saw 2 young men pulling off this style. It looks so comfortable but do you think women can pull it off? Lol, just curious.

    1. Haha yes they can! I’ve seen ladies pull it off and wear it well. I recommend rockin the look with shorts.

      It is a style that takes some bravery, but it certainly brings another element to the term “casual look”.

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