Top 5 Things To Know About Nike Air Trainer Huarache “Fireberry”

It’s been a long time coming! 🙈


So I secured these kicks a couple of months ago from the East Midland’s very own wellgosh, a well good sneaker boutique that’s well worth a visit. Be sure to check it out if you’re ever in the Leicester area!


So straight to it, here’s the top 5 things to know about the Nike Air Trainer Huarache “Fireberry”!


  1. Design

I can definitely admit that the aesthetic of these kicks are kinda quirky. The shoe draws inspiration from two silhouettes: the Nike Air Trainer and the currently popular Nike Air Huarache; hence the neoprene sockliner and velcro foot strap features. Indeed I do think these combine for a cool combo of comfort, style and support.


  1. Poppin Fireberry

One of this Huarache’s more subtle attractions is found in the interior sockliner: the fireberry. Almost meeting the eyes with a pinkish vibe, it’s a colour that certainly pops and gives these cross-trainer’s that eye-catching, sneakerhead-turning appeal.


  1. Comfort

Personally, comfort is of much importance to me in my choice of footwear. Who likes roaming around in uncomfortable kicks? Thankfully, these Air Trainer Huarache’s come with plenty of cushion, especially from the thick midsole. Its thickness is similar in size to that of the Nike Air Max 90s, making this pair synonymous with the word “carpet” as opposed to “concrete”. One mustn’t forget that classic neoprene bootie either. If my feet could talk they would yell “bliss!”


  1. Velcro Strap

Putting velcro straps on sneakers is a feature that appeals to me within certain designs. This shoe is one of them and by including them Nike gets extra points for style in my book, as well as bonus points for performance. When fastened properly, the strap gives the foot that “lockdown” feeling, keeping the foot more secure and ultimately more cushy; as opposed to not fastening the straps.


  1. Material

The main material used for the upper is nubuck. This suede-like substance gives a decent matte-like finish to the wolf grey and pure platinum colours which sit on it. However it’s not the best protector when it comes to scuffs so definitely be careful, I already have a few.  🙁




Verdict: Comfy, charismatic and caresses the foot well.


Tread Softly Rating: 8.5/10


Price: £94
Shop: wellgosh


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