*Yells at the top of his voice*


A recent trolling phenomenon, this insult is certainly not something you want to be asked, especially if the person asking is pointing a camera in your face.


Unfortunately for Floyd Mayweather Jr, this question came midway through the 11th round of his 49th undefeated fight – a historic win against Andre Berto.


The diss was yelled out by a spectator in the crowd and surprisingly Money Man can be seen glancing towards the audience, hunting through the crowd seemingly trying to find the heckler who hurled the insult. He then yells a reply:



So, what are thoooose?! They were in fact a pair of black/silver-red Reebok boxing shoes, clearly not sneaker heat for somebody’s standard.


Let me know in the comments if you’ve fallen victim to this before (or don’t and protect your identity 😭🙈😭).


Source: TheShoeGame.com


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