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The Glass Sneaker – Poem

If you’ve read one of my previous posts, you would know that I see sneakers as art and the sneaker culture as the gallery that contains it. So as well as regular posts, this blog contains poems that showcase the sneaker culture in an artistic way.


That being said, check out this Cinderella-inspired, sneaker-themed poem written by my friend Norvie!



The Glass Sneaker

He’s got me feeling like Cinderella,
Waiting around for that crystal slipper.
Like love at first sight,
Or true love’s kiss at midnight,
Thought he’d find me and leave me feeling better.

But this is real, life’s not a scarlett letter,
My carriage is a bus and that princess shawl, a sweater.
So as I wait here for my prince hoping it’ll get better,
I see a flash of red, his Jordans, and am left in wonder.

He’s carrying a box and my mind begins to wonder,
Then he’s down on one knee and everything starts pounding.
What could this mean? The very concept is astounding,
But as my breath is drawn and my heart begins to pound,
He looks up at me and says “Cinderella, be my girl now.”
Takes out the shoes and places them on my feet,
Not a ring, but still a promise. Symbolic. Our eyes meet.

Symbolic that we’ll run this race together. On the same level, running forever.
So not your typical happy ending, but my life with this sneakerhead is totally winning.


Glass Nike Air Max 1


Written by Norvie Dzimega. Check her out on Twitter!

Pictures: Cinderella’s Yeezy 2sGlass Nike Air Max 90


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