Shoes are everywhere. Multitudes are in stores, scores are on shelves – maybe even more under beds – but they’re most definitely on my mind. Living in a universe where foot fashion is becoming all the more innovative and eye-catching is the reason why I have such an enjoying and passionate interest in trainers, hence you find yourself reading this blog.


I started this blog as a means of sharing with you my thoughts and experiences of footwear, as well as talking about shoe culture from the prolific past all the way up to the latest and greatest.


Here you can find not only blog posts but also my poems and other quotes that capture the true essence and imagination of sneaker culture. Be it new releases or throwbacks to retro shoes of old, you can expect regular and relatable crep content. Sneaker culture is an art and I intend to share it artistically.


Please don’t get me wrong though. I’m not here to glorify shoes in any way, but to simply appreciate great concepts and designs and share these fantastic findings with like-minded people. If you’re one of these people then great! If not, please feel free to tell your like-minded sneaker-friendly friends about us, they will enjoy this! But maybe you should stick around too? Hopefully in time Tread Softly will be able to appeal to your creative nature and cultivate a healthy crep-centred interest.


I hope you enjoy!



Personal Profile David Abiona is a UK lad currently studying at university. Don’t get it twisted though, this student has an eye for cool creps and with two years of experience at the UK’s largest sports retailer, he knows a thing or two about shoes.
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