Hey guys! It’s been a while, I know 🙈   This summer has been a time of growth and learning, but more importantly a time of preparing for a new adventure abroad.   Therefore, Tread Softly will be on hiatus to allow me to focus on some other important projects (davecreates… 👀).   In the […]

When Magdi Fernandes met Kanye West

When Kanye Comes Knocking

It’s not everyday Kanye West comes knocking on the door of your sneaker shop, but then there’s a first time for everything.   The guys at CrepjunkieTV recently sat down with renowned UK sneakerhead Magdi Fernandes who lets us in on how his sneaker loving journey began. He reminisces on the community vibe of the sneaker […]

David Abiona - Tread Softly Author

12 Months and Counting

Time certainly knows how to hop, step and jump ahead.   All four quarters of the year have descended upon us and what a period it’s been in this, my rookie sneakerhead season. I’ve enjoyed sharing my view of the sneaker culture and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it. From candid conversation-like articles, to shoe-inspired poetry to […]

Top 7 Shops To Cop The NIKE AIR MAX THEA

I love hearing feedback from you guys about this blog, keep it coming! One thing some of y’all have requested is more female-orientated content, so here goes… When it comes to women’s footwear, one of the best in the biz right now is the Nike Air Max Thea. One cannot doubt its popularity, bringing a […]


*Yells at the top of his voice* “WHAT ARE THOOOOSE?!”   A recent trolling phenomenon, this insult is certainly not something you want to be asked, especially if the person asking is pointing a camera in your face.   Unfortunately for Floyd Mayweather Jr, this question came midway through the 11th round of his 49th […]

Your Top 5 Favourite Tread Softly Posts So Far

So I’ve been running Tread Softly for the past eight months now and I felt to have a “looking back” type feature and let y’all know what the most popular posts are so far!   As always, do feel free to contact me with your thoughts on the blog and spread the word about Tread Softly […]