Cinderella tries on Nike Air Yeezy 2s

The Glass Sneaker – Poem

If you’ve read one of my previous posts, you would know that I see sneakers as art and the sneaker culture as the gallery that contains it. So as well as regular posts, this blog contains poems that showcase the sneaker culture in an artistic way.   That being said, check out this Cinderella-inspired, sneaker-themed poem written by […]

The Sneakerhead Life – Poem

Like the buzzer that blares at the end of a basketball game, the alarm sounds. The air no longer holds tension, but apprehension for what lies ahead.   Behind the curtain-folds, the sun stands still. Deceptive. The air is chilled like a frozen February, warm yellow beams transform to gamma blue rays of light as […]

Tread Softly – Poem

Box in hand, These are the shoes you’ve been waiting for. You protect it like a treasure chest, Its contents are highly valuable.   You’ve browsed through many web pages, Scrolled through colour scheme after colour scheme. You’ve added it as your wallpaper: The first thing you see when you wake up, The last thing […]